Yay, Someone Finally Messed Up My Name in a Pitch!

Really, I’m not one to complain much about bad pitches. Sure, they are annoying, but thankfully, we somehow don’t get too many of them here at PRNewser. (knock on wood)

Today was an exception as I received a pitch touting a new channel on a video site around home and garden topics.

What really got me was the intro, which was:

Name Joe,

Joe was the only thing in the email in blue text, everything else was black. Now, I have no problem with sending out a notice about new content to home and garden bloggers or others who may be interested in this content, even if it is a form email. But for a PR blog? Seriously, how do we even get on these lists? Also, it came to my personal address, not the one that is listed in Cision.

Silly me, I clicked on to the release, which was in some weird social media format, with links that did not work – at least not in Google Docs.

I’m not going to out anyone involved, but lets just say it was from a large, well respected agency.

Oh, and the new content heralded in the pitch? Turns out it is “15-second pre-roll video placements and half-page ads.”