yap.TV for iOS: A TV Guide With a Twitter Twist

yap.TV is a free app for the iPhone and iPad that provides a visual guide to what’s on TV in your area. To this, the app integrates viewer (app user) generated polls, live chats and Twitter streams.

The app asks you to identify which TV content provider you use (cable, satellite, etc.). You can designate which channels you want information about to reduce the visual clutter created by a schedule for hundreds of channels. Specific shows can be favorited to further simply browsing. There app can authenticate with both Facebook and Twitter. However, it appears that no one I network with on either service uses yap.TV. So, I have “No Friends.”

The app’s Twitter feed for each show is less useful than you might guess because it appears to use simple keyword matching. I noticed a lot of tweets that contained a key word (e.g., “Eureka”) that had nothing to do with the specific show. However, as you might guess, the signal-to-noise ration improves when a show is actually on and people are commenting directly about an episode.

yap.TV Social TV Guide – Twitter client for TV