Yammer Launches New Features [Video]

Yammer, the enterprise social network meant to help your organization communicate better with one another, has introduced a few new features to their service that will help people work together, search through their documents and more.  The services are part of Yammer’s “Spring Release” and are meant to enhance Yammer to a point where it is more effective than corporate intranets.  This is an ambitious goal, as intranets have been the lifeblood of most tech firms I’ve ever worked at.  Let’s take a look at the features.

If you aren’t up to speed on Yammer, take a look at What is Yammer and Why You Should Use It. I’ve looked at each of the new features below.

Universal Search

This will allow users to search their entire business network for any sort of information available in a company’s enterprise network.  This means that you can search through Salesforce, SAP, SharePoint and more in one search, and since it’s on Yammer you’ll also be able to search what people have been saying about your particular query.

Premium Groups

Premium groups is like the current set of groups, but gives administrators more power and increases file size limits.  Admins will be able to more efficiently manage the conversation through privacy controls.

Content Sharing

Yammer’s got their own share button which makes it easy to share a conversation or link with other Yammer users.  There’s also an “email file” button with an eponymous function.


One of my gripes when using Yammer was the simplistic mobile application.  There were a lot of key features left out, including critical sorting tools to help plow through the deluge of information that Yammer can bring.  Happily, they are updating the iPhone and Android apps so that this ideally won’t be a problem anymore.

Take a look at the video below and see what the new Yammer has to offer.