Yallo Launches Advanced Voice Calling App on Android

The Yallo app looks to elevate standard phone calls with call recording, transcription, automatic reconnections and more.


Yallo looks to reinvent the standard phone call experience via its new Android app, which, to start, gives users the ability to chat with anyone using WiFi, with their existing phone number. This is joined by call recording and transcription features, advanced caller ID and more.

With the Yallo app, users can add a call caption to their phone calls, allowing the caller to identify the subject of the call, like one adds a subject line to an email. Calls can be recorded, archived and transcribed, with call recording and other features available even in the middle of a call.

In the case of poor signals, Yallo will automatically restore dropped calls when the signal comes back, eliminating what it calls the “annoying dance of who’s calling whom back.”

In a statement, Tal Elyashiv, CEO and founder of Yallo, commented on the app:

The human voice is the most powerful and nuanced communications medium. Text and messaging have their role, but we seek to restore the voice call to the center of our communication palette, with ongoing innovations that meet the needs of today’s highly-engaged personal and business lifestyles.

Additional features will come to Yallo in future updates. For instance, one will allow users to trigger phone calls the moment someone enters a specific location. Another update will allow users to add music, sound effects, voice modulations and more to their conversations.

Yallo is now available to download for free on Google Play. The app is coming soon to iOS.