Yale Branding Video Is AWESOME.

Via Fistful Of Talent, Yale University’s new branding video to attract new students is sure to go viral.

Why does Yale need a recruiting video? Why indeed. FoT explains:

think about everything you think you know about Yale already. For me it was…

1. Competitive….
2. Stuffy and conservative.
3. Somewhere Northeast.
4. Lack of diversity.

And when you add in the $47,500 a year price tag? Sorry, Yale. It’s hard for me to imagine sending my future kiddies there.

So even an objectively great choice, and I think nobody can argue Yale isn’t great, still needs to stand out. Which is why this video, a 17 minute musical number with over 200 current and former students, is so awesome.

It also explains why there have been no new episodes of College Musical for a while. Sam Tsui, we’re looking at you.