Yahoo’s Mojito Lets Developers Make Apps For Any Device

Yahoo is looking to compete with Apple in the app business. The company has launched Mojito, a tool that lets publishers create apps that can be distributed across mobile devices, including both iPads and Android apps, as well as on the mobile web and on desktop browsers.

Yahoo’s developer page has more details about the platform: “Mojito is a sweet (and minty!) MVC application framework built on YUI 3 that enables agile development of Web applications. Mojito allows developers to write client and server components in the same language (JavaScript), using the same framework. Because Mojito applications are written in JavaScript, they can run on the client (in the browser) and on the server (with Node.js). In addition, Mojito has built-in support for internationalization, testing, and building documentation.”

Wired has more: “In short, the framework is a counterplay to the Apple App Store, which encourages the development of applications built specifically for Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. Mojito is a way of building applications with JavaScript, the standard web programming language that runs on most any smartphone, tablet, or PC.”

Follow this link for a tutorial on how Mojito works.