Yahoo Updates Yahoo Mail App on iOS, Android

Each platform received different updates, like a new Link Preview feature on iOS.

Yahoo launched new updates for its Yahoo Mail apps on iOS and Android. Each platform received different updates, like a new Link Preview feature on iOS.

With this Link Preview feature, when users want to send a website or article link through an email, the app will convert the link into a preview card, which gives the recipient a preview of the content. Users can choose whether to send these cards in the middle of an email or to place them at the end. When users receive one of these preview links, they can share them to Facebook, Twitter and more.

Yahoo Mail Stationary

Elsewhere, iOS users now have access to email stationery themes, thanks to Paperless Post. Users can select a stationery theme for an email by tapping the compose assist button (+), tapping the stationary icon and browsing the available options.

Finally, iOS users can now share content through Yahoo Mail with the addition of a Yahoo Mail button on their device’s share menu.

Meanwhile, Android users can now browse a complete directory of their contacts by going to the People Smart View in the app’s sidebar and tapping See All Contacts. This will present users with a list of everyone they’ve contacted, which can be edited.

In addition, Android users can now sync their Yahoo Address Book contacts with their device’s contacts. This syncing is off by default, but users can turn it on in their device’s sync settings.

Finally, Yahoo has launched an open beta for Yahoo Mail on Android, allowing users to sign up to test experimental features before they’re released in full. Interested users can sign up for the beta here.

Yahoo Mail is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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