Yahoo Unveils New ‘Digest’ App and Digital Tech Magazine


In an attempt to reclaim its reputation as a Silicon Valley success story, Yahoo has announced several new products and offerings for 2014, including an app and two subject-specific digital magazines.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer addressed a Las Vegas techie crowd earlier this week with a new vision and push into digital news products that the company hopes will make it relevant in the world of online publishing again.

For our purposes, we’re going to focus on just two of the news products introduced Tuesday.

Yahoo News Digest: This new iPhone app is built on the two-newspapers-per-day paradigm, just in a mobile world. Once you download it, the app sends your phone two “editions,” or roundups of the day’s most important stories — one in the morning and one in the evening. You can’t customize what kind of news you want to receive by topic or anything, but hey, it’s good for those of us on-the-go (so, all journalists ever). Stringing together various multimedia from across the Web — important quotes from the day’s stories, infographics, videos, tweets, photos and more (which Yahoo calls “atoms”) — Yahoo News Digest uses an algorithm to summarize the most vital content, add a textual component and deliver it to you. 

One writer finds the News Digest to be stressful and lacking real value, but lots of encouraging reviews don the app’s iTunes page (whether they are or aren’t Yahoo employees is a moot point, right?).

I’ve used it, and I like it. It’s not for everyone, but it keeps me from entering a black hole of the day’s, or heck, week’s news.

You can download the Yahoo News Digest App for free here.

Yahoo Tech Digital Magazine: Two new websites in digital magazine, Pinterest-like formats were just launched by Yahoo, too, including a food-focusedyahootechmag publication and a tech mag.

Yahoo Tech is headed up by former New York Times-er David Pogue and curates editorial columns, how-tos, reviews and tech news from a variety of sources. All the tiles (stories) on the digital magazine are expandable and collapse easily, so you don’t have to fool with back buttons.

Click here to check it out.

Additionally, changes for 2014 include a new advertising approach for Yahoo — (AKA) native ads — and Yahoo’s advertising department will partner with Tumblr by powering the blog company’s sponsored posts.

What do you think about Yahoo’s newest media products? Will it push Yahoo back into the forefront of internet companies with news components, or not?