Yahoo Starts Making its Mail Client More Social

Yahoo is rolling out some new features of its Mail client. These updates are all geared into making Yahoo! Mail a more social and useful web-mail applications emphasizing on quick access to Friends’ updates and seamless integration of third-party applications and services including Yahoo’s Flickr, Twitter and even YouTube videos.

The new features which is currently being rolled to select Yahoo Mail beta testers are aimed at transforming the Yahoo! Mail experience smarter and more useful, and who knows maybe later on it may lead to another social networking/social media application based on the Yahoo! Mail platform?

While watching the video demonstrating these new features (available here), I couldn’ help but be excited about the new feature which will integrate various applications into the Yahoo! Mail platform. More particulary useful is the integration of Flickr into the mail client. Wouldn’t it be useful to have the ability to send photos from your Flickr account without leaving your Yahoo mail inbox, since the Flickr application is already integrated? That’s really something to look forward to and would definitely encourage more users into the Yahoo Mail fold.

Equally useful is the social networking updates from your “online connections” which will be displayed right on you Yahoo Mail Inbox. You can choose who among your connections you would like to receive updates and from what online service you want it to come from – that is whether from your friends’ Facebook updates, Twitter and other platforms.

John Kremer, a company vice-president hopes to turn Yahoo Mail into a “scrapbook of life” as well as to have a game-changing influence on the industry. If these new features were successfull rolled out to Yahoo Mail’s more than 125 million users, there’s no doubt that Yahoo Mail is going to change the phase of the web-mail game.

If you want to find out how cool these new features are, watch these video demonstration: