Yahoo!, Simon Cowell Scratching for More Money with ‘Ultimate DJ’

That itch to scratch for Yahoo is "relevance."

Is there a hair styling reality show we can enter this guy in?

Just when you thought those musical competition reality shows had jumped the shark comes another idea from the mind of the man who came up with the idea: Simon Cowell.

This one, however, is about finding the best DJ in the land. From a report in Variety, Yahoo approached Cowell with the idea for some original programming called “Ultimate DJ” that will direct people to its Yahoo! Live section.

The beleaguered search engine hasn’t carried true market share in the search industry since AOL was telling everyone “You’ve Got Mail” so Marissa Mayer and company had to think of something…

In a concept similar to Cowell’s “American Idol” and “X Factor,” “Ultimate DJ” pits some of the world’s most promising electronic music DJs against one another in pursuit of a Sony Music recording contract and headlining spot at a major music festival. Live voting will be supplied by another Yahoo property, Tumblr.

SOURCE: EDM Magazine

It took Yahoo a while to figure out that microblogging has gone the way of a cutesy blue, but this may well do the trick:

“We have been developing this concept for awhile…our partnership with SFX [EDM big time promoter, SFX Entertainment] has been a real game-changer for this format.”

In short, Yahoo used its $1.1 billion investment to introduce the world to…live voting on a reality show.

If only they could figure out how to get people search for this announcement on something other than Google…