Yahoo to Shutter Yahoo Tech

Yahoo has announced that it will shut down its nearly four-year-old technology vertical Yahoo Tech as of March 11.

The portal has notified Yahoo Tech users that their personal profiles are set to be eliminated next month, and that all messages and reviews they have posted to the site over the years will no longer be available. Visitors to will be redirected to a technology focused section of Yahoo News. The news of the site’s closure was first posted by

It appears that Yahoo has already pulled resources from the site; among the top stories on the Yahoo Tech homepage include a feature on e-readers showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show, which was in early January.

The shutdown of Yahoo Tech comes at a interesting time for Yahoo, which has recently upped its commitment to original content, particularly in branded entertainment and verticals like Yahoo Sports. Back in 2006, the site was billed as a technology content destination for mainstream users rather than tech geeks.

Since then, technology content has only proliferated on the Web, while mass appeal products like the iPhone have made technology more integral to most Americans’ lives.