Yahoo! Shortcuts Plugin Enhances Blogs

A new WordPress plugin created by Yahoo! will scan your blog posts and create informational pop ups for select Yahoo! content. For example, if you’ve written a post about “Sea Monkeys,” the plugin will search the text of your article for contextual link opportunities that corresponds to various Yahoo! properties. This content ranges from news to maps to financial info – even Flickr.

This is a very simple way bloggers scan add another dimension to their blogs. What sets the plugin apart from similar tools like SnapShots, aside from the fact that the content is 100% Yahoo! owned, is the fact that publishers have more control over what is shown and where. Before publishing, the plugin will alert the blog owner as to how many Shortcuts have been detected. Then you have the option to set as many as you like live – or none at all.

Shortcuts can be links (that will pop up upon hovering) or they can be embedded directly into the page.

The Flickr component of the plugin is by far the most intriguing, as it could take the legwork out of finding images for your blog. The best part is that they will already by royalty free, protected under Creative Commons. Images can be resized and repositioned anywhere in your post.

Given the vast amount of content Yahoo! generates, it would be safe to assume that sports, movies and music Shortcuts are not far behind.

The Yahoo! Shortcuts plugin requires WordPress version 2.2 or higher.