Yahoo Shines On

uh_logo_y.jpgMicrosoft’s attempted takeover of Yahoo hasn’t been the only news coming from Jerry Yang’s company lately. In April, Yahoo launched Shine, its Internet portal for women between the ages of 25-54. Helmed by former Jane editor Brandon Holley, the site employs seven editors — each overseeing a separate channel such as parenting, entertainment and food — and allows any user to start her own blog. In a model similar to the Huffington Post‘s, bloggers are not paid, although they are free to use their Shine blogs for self-promotion. Editors, who contribute to their own blogs, cherry pick the best content to appear on the homepage.

But two months after launch, how is Shine doing? According to ComScore numbers provided by Shine’s PR rep Bahareh Ramin, the site had 6.6 million unique visitors in April and 8.4 million uniques in May. Ramin told FishbowlNY Shine was the sixth most-trafficked women’s community in terms of uniques during May. The number, however, is still a fraction of the estimated 40 million women who visit Yahoo sites every month.

After the jump, two editors talk about Holley’s involvement with the project.

“[Holley’s] overseeing all of the editorial content… and has a really good pulse on what’s happening.” Charlene Prince, editor of the Parenting channel, said. “She’s amazing to work for.”

“We talk every day [in the daily editorial meetings],” Jessica Ashley, the Healthy Living editor, added. Despite the editorial team’s geographic separation, “we have a cohesive editorial staff,” she said, explaining that editors are in constant contact throughout the day.