Yahoo, Scribd, BranchOut, Flixster, Spotify, more on this week’s top 20 growing Facebook apps by DAU

Two Yahoo applications top our list of the fastest growing Facebook apps by daily active users this week — coincidentally a day after Facebook filed a counter suit against Yahoo for patent infringement.

The Washington Post’s Social Reader, Scribd, Dailymotion, games, BranchOut, Dropbox, Flixster, Spotify and various other apps filled out our list. The titles below grew between 190,000 and 3.4 million DAU, based on AppData, our data tracking service covering growth for apps on Facebook.

Top Gainers This Week

1.   Yahoo!5,800,000+3,400,000+ 142%
2.   Yahoo! Reader3,200,000+900,000+ 39%
3.   Scribd1,600,000+800,000+ 100%
4.   MyCalendar – Birthdays2,400,000+700,000+ 41%
5.   Dailymotion730,000+500,000+ 217%
6.   MyPad for iPad2,800,000+500,000+ 22%
7.   المزرعة السعيدة2,900,000+500,000+ 21%
8.   İzlesene1,200,000+440,000+ 58%
9.   Scramble with Friends2,400,000+300,000+ 14%
10.   Tetris Battle4,100,000+300,000+ 5%
11.   BranchOut810,000+290,000+ 56%
12.   Dropbox270,000+263,000+ 3,757%
13.   Static HTML… [Sixth Tab]330,000+260,000+ 371%
14.   Flixster300,000+230,000+ 329%
15.   Social Reader1,000,000+220,000+ 28%
16.   eBuddy2,500,000+200,000+ 4%
17.   Spotify4,400,000+200,000+ 5%
18.   Texas HoldEm Poker7,100,000+200,000+ 3%
19.   Between You and Me340,000+190,000+ 127%
20.   Hoop De Loop Saga1,100,000+190,000+ 21%

Yahoo and Yahoo! Reader made the list, the latter is an integration that generates feed and Ticker stories when users read Yahoo articles. The Washington Post’s news app, Social Reader, also made the list. Then there were a few entertainment-related Open Graph apps on the list: video sharing site Dailymotion and Turkish video site İzlesene, as well as Flixster’s Timeline app, which allows users to rate and review films.

Document sharing site Scribd and file sharing site Dropbox, which both Facebook login, made the list. A handful of games grew by the hundreds of thousands, including the Arabic game,  المزرعة السعيد. An iPad app, MyPad for iPad, was popular, as well as professional networking app that posts activity to Timeline, BranchOut. There was also a chat app, eBuddy and music sharing app Spotify.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned for our look at the top emerging apps on Friday.