Yahoo Profile Becomes More Sociable

Realizing that everything on the web has become more “social” – that is social gaming, social shopping, social news and more, Yahoo has decided to join the “being social” bandwagon by introducing something to the Yahoo Profile service, well er, yeah Yahoo Profile just became more social or universal as Yahoo would like to put it. Yahoo profile can be accessed at

So, what is this new universal profile and what we can all do with it? According to Yodel Anecdotal (which is the Yahoo Official Blog by the way), Yahoo Profile is a centralized control panel that lets you manage your identity, activities, interests, and connections across Yahoo and eventually the entire web. It is part of the Yahoo! Open Strategy, which of course we all know by now is a drive to make Yahoo more open and social.

But what is it really and what can we do with it? The Yahoo official blog post made it clear that Yahoo! Profile is not a new social destination, neither is it a new social networking site. It’s Yahoo way of trying to integrate the users’ experience in all of the Yahoo site networks. Think of it as your Google account which represents you in various Google services. Sorry I can’t help but put out that Google comparison.

It’s not yet a full-blown social web service, but I couldn’t think of anyways where it might be leading to but to become a Friendfeed clone or a lifestreaming service within the context of the Yahoo network. This was given away by the following Yahoo statement:

The new homepage we’re testing will soon have an application that lets you stay up to date with what your friends are doing across the Web. And Yahoo! Mail will be delivering a smarter inbox, displaying emails from your most important connections first.

The first sentence gave away what Yahoo profile will become. And the second sentence is a great idea to support what Yahoo profile would become – email integration of a lifestreaming service would certainly be a good web 2.0 service.

If you check out now, and start to create your profile, the first thing you’d notice is its current bland state. Reminds me another Yahoo service which recently closed down – Yahoo! Mash. Hopefully Yahoo would add some more functionality and features to make the Yahoo Profile experience an exciting one for all of us. Otherwise, nobody might not want to use it after they’ve create their own Yahoo Profiles.