Yahoo Powers Up Online Sports Magazine

For years, Yahoo Sports has been outdrawing sports giants ESPN and Sports Illustrated in terms of online audience reach. Now, the portal is looking to borrow a page or two from its traditional media rivals—albeit in a unique digital form.

Yahoo has launched ThePostGame, a new online sports magazine built in conjunction with social fan site—the brainchild of CEO David Katz, who previously ran Yahoo’s sports and entertainment groups. And ThePostGame already has its launch sponsor, Toyota.

Unlike Yahoo Sports, which relies heavily on aggregation, ThePostGame will consist mostly of original content produced by Yahoo’s team of reporters and columnists. They include Dan Wentzel and Adrian Wojnarowski, who will produce feature stories and regular blog posts, often focused on the off-the-field lives of athletes.

Much like, ThePostGame is infused with social media sharing opportunities, including links to Facebook and Twitter peppered throughout the site, as well as various fan polls.