Yahoo, Photos, Mobile, Quizzes, Yelp and More on This Week’s Top 20 Facebook Apps by DAU

There was a varied mix of applications on our list of apps growing by daily active users this week. Yahoo’s app topped the list, but then there were horoscopes and photos and Windows’ app and the Spanish version of Phrases. Mobile apps were on the list, in addition to a handful of social apps, Yelp’s app, Page admin apps and a video app. The apps on our list below grew from between 131,600 and 1.2 million DAU, based on AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook.

Top Gainers This Week

Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1. Yahoo!9,743,266+1,268,350+15%
2. The Fortune Teller2,066,051+1,041,742+102%
3. 60photos2,170,402+587,403+37%
4. Gardens of Time3,689,899+585,659+19%
5. Super Texas Holdem Poker538,387+495,357+1,151%
6. Windows Live Messenger17,064,441+365,136+2%
7.Zynga Game Bar2,504,241+293,086+13%
8. Frases Diarias799,418+265,832+50%
9. Samsung Mobile1,901,057+252,057+15%
10. BandPage by RootMusic1,533,273+211,842+16%
11. Facebook for Every Phone820,363+202,236+33%
12.21 questions1,284,704+197,377+18%
13. Yelp810,123+197,071+32%
15. WhoIsNear?313,584+177,067+130%
16. Empires & Allies7,603,645+173,664+2%
17. Status Shuffle909,961+165,988+22%
18. Sayfalar için Hoşgeldiniz Sekmesi – Davet ve Beğen butonlu!152,951+146,009+2,103%
19.Love Video136,805+135,565+10,933%
20. Global Warfare401,136+131,550+49%

Yahoo!’s homepage app on Facebook grew 1.2 million DAU, meanwhile the Windows Live Messenger app grew by 365,100 DAU. The Fortune Teller, a horoscope app, grew by more than 1 million DAU. 60photos, an app that publishes ratings of Facebook photos from a user’s friends, grew by 587,400 DAU. Frases Diarias grew by 265,800 DAU; the app allows users to publish a quote to their Wall.

BandPage by RootMusic grew by 211,800 DAU mostly in the United States. Yelp grew by 197,100 DAU. A Turkish Page tab app,  Sayfalar için Hoşgeldiniz Sekmesi – Davet ve Beğen butonlu!, grew by 146,000 DAU while a Turkish video app, Love Video, grew by 135,600 DAU.

A pair of mobile apps were on our list, too. Samsung Mobile grew by 252,100 DAU in mostly India and Indonesia. Then Facebook for Every Phone grew by 202,200 DAU.

Social apps were popular on our list this week, too. 21 questions, which taps virality by asking users 25 questions about their friends, publishing a feed story to their Wall with each answer. The app grew by 197,400 DAU. Socialbox, a downloadable desktop app, grew by 180,600 DAU. WhoIsNear? is a combination check-in/social app that publishes feed stories when you check in on Facebook; it grew by 177,100 DAU. Then Status Shuffle grew by about 166,000 DAU; the app grew in the US and United Kingdom and allows users to Like, edit, share and publish status updates to the feed.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned for our look at the top emerging apps on Friday.