Yahoo! oneConnect Could be a Killer iPhone App

Yahoo just launched a new mobile product and it happens to be an application for our favorite gadget, the iPhone. I must admit that I got pretty excited when I was reading the PR pitch for the said application because it’s got two main ingredients – iPhone + Yahoo. I said to myself, finally, a well established internet player getting onto the iPhone bandwagon. Yahoo oneConnect has a big internet brand name attach onto it – it should be a killer iPhone app.First things first, Yahoo oneConnect is a social address book that brings together Yahoo user’s circle of friends not only from their Yahoo Mail contact books but from their other social networking profiles as well. It’s a lifestreaming service of sort ported into the iPhone.

Integration, yeah that’s what oneConnect is trying to bring into the iPhone applications table. Yahoo oneConnect lets you do the following:

  • integrate your contacts from your Yahoo! Address Book, iPhone and social networks
  • See whats happening on your social networks, initially Yahoo! oneConnect will support Bebo, Dopplr, Facebook, Flickr, Friendster,, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube
  • Integrate mobile messaging with your friends via SMS and Yahoo! Messenger, including support for avatars, photos, and emoticons.
  • Keep your most important people close at hand to check on status, call or send a quick message or email.

Yahoo oneConnect from its executive vice president, Marco Boerries combines Yahoo! Blueprint, the mobile platform and the iPhone SDK to leverage in creating a unique experience of oneConnect for millions of iPhone users.

I’ll definitely take note of those statements as I wait for Yahoo to make the application available to the rest of the iPhone users worldwide. The application is currently available for US users only. And that leads me to a last question which hopefully Yahoo will answer in the coming days. Why not release the applications in other countries? What’s preventing them from doing so? If they want their applications to succeed and get as much install account as they want – they better release it for all iPhone users.

Common, Yahoo people – you’ve got a killer product staring right at you. Don’t let the chance slipped away.