Yahoo Now Powers Mocean Mobile Market

Companies team up to serve ads

Yahoo announced a new ad partnership today with Mocean Mobile. Both companies are looking to rev up their mobile ad businesses through the new Mocean Mobile Marketplace.

“Mocean Mobile will work with Yahoo to help advertisers and publishers efficiently buy and sell premium mobile inventory,” the companies said in a press release today.

Mocean’s publishing partners—including Nokia and Univision—will tap into data from the Yahoo Ad Exchange, which the company launched at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Yahoo’s exchange offers data-driven, targeted programmatic advertising.

“We want to help publishers maximize revenue and advertisers target mobile campaigns based on our audience insights—and our work with Mocean Mobile combines Yahoo’s scale, efficiency, publisher controls, and data with their high-quality mobile inventory to do just that,” said Yahoo’s Brian Silver, vp of ad platforms.

Developers across mobile advertising have been building infrastructure for automatic buying and selling of inventory. Late last year, Matomy developed a tool it called Mobit for the AppNexus platform to find mobile audiences. Also, agencies such as Xaxis are rolling out mobile solutions.