Yahoo News Defends Controversial Campaign Featuring ‘Polarizing’ Issues

'Immigrants endanger us,' the ad says

Yahoo News defended this ad. Yahoo
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Yahoo News stands by an ad it released after backlash over the language it used.

The ad has a barrier with one wall that says “immigrants enrich us” in blue and another that says “immigrants endanger us” in red. The tagline is “See all sides.”

The ad is seemingly part of the “See All Sides” campaign for the relaunch of its Yahoo News app. The campaign has shows other “two-sided” arguments, though without such charged rhetoric.

Other examples included “protect our privacy” on a blue computer screen versus “protect our people” in red or “save the environment” in blue compared with “stimulate the economy” in red.

A spokesperson for Yahoo News said in a prepared statement that it is a nonpartisan news organization “with a mission to present divergent perspectives.”

“These ads are meant to reflect the current state of our country and the polarizing conversations taking place on a number of issues,” according to the statement. had the ad on its homepage on Thursday, though it’s not clear for how long. A spokesman for Vice didn’t immediately return requests for comment.

The ad was heavily criticized on social media:

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