Yahoo, Netflix, Pinterest, Spotify, WashPo, cards, more on this week’s top 20 growing Facebook apps by DAU

Tabs, birthdays, greeting cards and several applications utilizing Open Graph comprise our list of the top 20 growing Facebook apps by daily active users. Birthday apps grow by forcing users to invite all their friends before they can use the app. Tab applications are popular among page owners looking to customize their page. Open Graph integrations are designed to maximize Ticker and News Feed exposure.

The titles below grew between 210,000 and 5 million DAU, based on AppData, our data tracking service covering growth for apps on Facebook.

Top Gainers This Week

1.  Hidden Chronicles5,800,000+5,090,000+ 717%
2.  Static HTML: iframe tabs6,200,000+1,600,000+ 35%
3.  Static Iframe Tab3,500,000+1,600,000+ 84%
4.  Yahoo!8,700,000+1,100,000+ 14%
5.  Scramble with Friends1,100,000+900,000+ 450%
6.  Words With Friends8,700,000+700,000+ 9%
7.  Netflix630,000+520,000+ 473%
8.  Greeting Cards450,000+420,000+ 1,400%
9.  Bubble Witch Saga4,200,000+400,000+ 11%
10.  MyCalendar – Birthdays1,400,000+400,000+ 40%
11.  Pinterest1,500,000+400,000+ 36%
12.  schoolFeed2,300,000+400,000+ 21%
13.  Greeting Cards420,000+390,000+ 1,300%
14.  BandPage by RootMusic1,700,000+300,000+ 21%
15.  Spotify4,700,000+300,000+ 7%
16.  Washington Post Social Reader750,000+290,000+ 63%
17.  MeinKalender – Geburtstag520,000+280,000+ 117%
18.  MiCalendario – Cumpleaños760,000+240,000+ 46%
19.  Family Feud & Friends iPhone/iPad780,000+210,000+ 37%
20.  MonCalendrier – Anniversaires350,000+210,000+ 150%

Tab apps Static HTML: iframe tabs and Static Iframe Tab grew by 1.6 million DAU. Users are increasingly creating their own pages, and these free applications help them customize those pages with images and other basic functions.

This week’s list also includes Open Graph integrations from: Yahoo, NetflixPinterest and Spotify. These integrations allow users to interact with content in a variety of ways that expose content to the stream. 

SchoolFeed, which is a social network within the Facebook platform based on high school affiliation. BandPage by RootMusic is a tab app for musicians who want to manage their Facebook presence. The Washington Post Social Reader app has gained traction by posting to the feed, and inviting users to recruit their friends to the app.

Two greeting card applications made the list, inviting users to send birthday and greeting cards to their friends, resulting in 420,000 DAU for Greeting Cards and 390,000 DAU for Greeting Cards. The aforementioned birthday apps gained between 400,000 and 210,000 DAU, and appeared in English, German, Spanish and French.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned for our look at the top emerging apps on Friday.