Yahoo, NBC Both Medal for Olympics Web Coverage

So who won the online Olympics race?

In terms of total audience, Yahoo once again commanded the largest Olympic-related audience on the Web. However, based on the final numbers from comScore, NBC can claiming a silver medal of sorts as its online efforts dominated various engagement-oriented metrics.

Yahoo drew 32 million unique visitors to its Olympics site during the course of the Winter Games (Feb. 12–28), besting both and, which each drew 19 million unique users, according to the final comScore figures. That traffic gave a huge boost to Yahoo Sports overall, which saw its reach climb to a record 40 million total users during that time period.

However, though Yahoo has led all comers in audience throughout the Olympics, has demonstrated sizable leads in categories like total page views, average pages consumed per visitor and average time spent per users. Per comScore, NBC averaged 11.5 minutes per visitor during the 17 days of the Winter Games, versus 9.7 for Yahoo. In addition, averaged a whopping 17.8 pages per visitor versus just 7.3 pages for Yahoo.

Yet Yahoo was able to net out with far more total minutes spent on its site during the Olympics compared to NBC—314 million minutes vs. 218 million respectively, according to comScore.

According to its own internal reporting, NBC set several video milestones during the games. For example, delivered 45 million video streams, resulting in a total 3.5 million hours of video being viewed during the games in Vancouver. That’s over 36 million more streams that four years ago, when NBC streamed just a single hockey game live.

Plus, NBC’s Olympic mobile site and iTunes app combined to stream 2 million videos during the games, six times as many as during the 2008 Summer Olympics, according to NBC’s data.

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