Yahoo Music: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Point To ‘Em


So as Nokia, MySpace, and others rev up online music services, Yahoo kills theirs. Instead, they’re now planning to be a guide to the Web’s top music services, company execs said this week: Yahoo Music users will be able to set up Web pages where they can track content offered by sites such as iTunes, YouTube, Amazon,, and Pandora, as CNET News reports.

“The move is part of an overhaul of Yahoo’s home page, designed to aggregate content from other sites,” the report said. “The move will make Yahoo much more like the directory it once was before former CEO Terry Semel and others tried to remake the company into a media company.” (See CNET News’ screenshot of the beta service above.)

The report said—and we totally agree—that there’s nothing here to get excited about. Why make a stop at Yahoo if you can just go to the services and buy the music directly? This type of portal-as-entry-point worked great for Yahoo in 1994, but now? Not so much… or so relevant.