Yahoo! Messenger 2.1 for iOS Adds iPad 2 Video Calling

You can’t conduct a video call with someone on a Windows PC from an iPad 2 using Facetime. But, the update free Yahoo! Messenger app lets you do just that.

Yahoo! Messenger 2.1

That’s the featured enhancement in this update. Yahoo! Messenger for iOS has been tuned for the iPad and supports both voice and video calling on the iPad 2 (the original iPad does not have a camera). Voice and video calls require that both parties have a Yahoo! Messenger account.

The app can also send free SMS messages and share photos and videos in real-time. Yahoo! Messenger for iOS supports the paid Yahoo! Phone Out feature that lets you call conventional phone numbers by locally and internationally. The domestic calling rate is 1.9 cents per minute ($1.14 per hour).

Comments in the app’s iTunes product page indicate a mixed reaction. Some people do not like the new interface design. Others report that calls are not completing.