Yahoo Mash Crashes and Burns

Well I can’t say that I didn’t see this one coming. Then again, it happened much earlier than I expected. Following the launch of the Facebook platform last year, Yahoo! went searching for a strategy to try to compete against the increasingly popular Facebook. The conclusion? Yahoo! Mash, a social network which embraced all open standards. Honestly, it was so open that it had practically no design to it.

Back in November I called Yahoo! Mash a poor attempt to compete with Facebook. Now, just under a year after the site launched, the site has been shut down as Techcrunch points out. Good call by the Yahoo! team to call it quits but it’s definitely disappointing for whatever team was working on making this happen.

So how does Yahoo! fit into the social networking space at this point? Honestly the company doesn’t for the most and is now behind AOL which acquired Bebo, Google which created Orkut and Microsoft which has …. Windows Live Spaces! While Facebook is blazing by all the old guard, Yahoo! is falling behind when it comes to social networking. So what’s next up for Yahoo?

It’s not exactly clear but if you want to get the rumor mill going, I would say that hi5, imeem and look like three great acquisition opportunities for the company. If the company can some how “mash together” (pardon the pun) all the other social services including Yahoo! Messenger, the company might have a shot of becoming a player in the social networking space.

For today the company will simply have to live with one more product headed to the deadpool. I guess it’s good to see that the company quitting early rather than beat a dead horse for too long!

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