Yahoo! Mail for Android 1.2.1 Update Available: My Advice? Skip It

Back on July 2, I wrote:

Yahoo! Messenger & Mail Apps Released for Android. What Took So Long? Uninstalled Right After Testing

I criticized the earlier release for naming the app simply “Mail” as if Yahoo! Mail was the one and only mail app. I also noted that it was very slow on my Motorola Droid using a WiFi connection. Yahoo! just released a 1.2.1 update to the app. Let’s see how it looks now.

Yahoo! Mail & Messenger Now Optimized for Android

– The app is still named “Mail” as if it were the only mail app.
– The app is still very slow. And, this time I tested it on the Nexus One which is faster than the Droid
– The app takes up an enormous 3.55MB of precious system space and cannot be relocated to an SD card

It is faster and easier to use Yahoo!’s mobile friendly website ( instead of using up a ginourmous amount of system memory on your Android phone. Yahoo! Mail for Android 1.2.1 was uninstalled from my Android device once again.