Yahoo! Local Beta Adds More Hyperlocal Information

I’ve long hoped that local newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations would jump on the hyperlocal bandwagon to diffentiate themselves from giant media companies. With the possible exception of local morning news programs, I haven’t seen this happen. Instead, hyperlocal services have been coming from Internet giants. Yahoo!, for example, is taking its Yahoo! Local in the hyperlocal direction.

The New Yahoo! Local for Mobile – With You Wherever You Are (Yahoo! Mobile Blog)

Its current hyperlocal information is only available for neighborhoods in the San Francisco bay area, Brooklyn, and three Michigan towns. Still, it is a start.

After picking a neighborhoold, Yahoo! Local provides news, things to do, and deals sections. Each has its own page. There’s also an “Everything” option that melds the three categories into a single page view. You can take a look at it yourself by pointing your mobile browser at: