Yahoo! Isn't Going to Shut Down Delicious… They'll Just Sell It

After all the hysteria about Delicious yesterday the company finally speaks up and denies it's shutting down the popular social bookmarking site. Did they have a change of heart after the fierce reaction?

After an uproar yesterday regarding leaked information that Yahoo! was planning to shutdown the much loved social bookmarking service Delicious, the San Francisco company finally responded in a blog post today, saying that Delicious will in fact not be shutdown. The post comes almost 24 hours after a leaked internal slide showed the Yahoo web property Delicious would be “sunset” along with a number of other services. The news of shutdown spread like wildfire and was confirmed by several technology blogs, but a statement from Yahoo! was nowhere to be found until today.

Messages boards and Twitter conversations were abuzz about Yahoo’s recent troubles in light of the company’s recent layoffs and strategic repositioning of services and products. The Delicious shutdown came as a surprise, many wondering why the struggling internet pioneer would close one of it’s most popular services. Even without any statement from Yahoo itself, the leaked information was enough to set off a tidal wave of traffic to the site with users clambering to export their bookmarks and left wondering where to go next.

In light of this statement the volume of traffic has now brought the Delicious blog to it’s knees, but a cached copy reveals a company spokesperson apologizing for the company mishandling the news that appeared yesterday about the demise. The spokesperson denies the shutting down of Delicious but admits “there is not a strategic fit a Yahoo!”. The spokesperson goes on to say “there is a ideal home for Delicious outside of the company”, confirming that they are in discussions with companies – leading to speculation that a sale is imminent.

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