Yahoo Insiders: Microsoft Bid Better Than Nothing

CNET News reporter Stefanie Olsen spoke to some Yahoo insiders to get their take on the $44.6 billion hostile takeover bid from Microsoft. Many feel that for a company hobbled by cultural and management problems, the bid may be just the kick in the pants Yahoo needs to rejoin the fight against Google.

That doesn’t mean everyone wants to jump ship and work for Microsoft, Olsen wrote–just that employees see the bid as a wake-up call, and possibly a sign of better times to come.

“Most people want to win and something bold needs to happen, so this could be the catalyst to make that happen sooner one way or another,” said a source inside the company, according to the report. “Either Yahoo steps up and does something bold, or Microsoft takes over. If [Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang] is smart he could use this as a rallying cry.”

Microsoft bid is better than stagnating, say Yahoo insiders [CNET News]