Yahoo Ends Musicmatch Service

Yahoo! purchased Musicmatch back in 2004 for $160 million. Musicmatch was a free music player application that came with a lot of non-Apple portable MP3 players. This wasn’t a big deal; in fact, most people didn’t bother with the program, preferring to use the built-in Windows Media Player software on their PCs.

What’s somewhat less known is that Musicmatch was also an early subscription music service, similar to Napster-To-Go. Either way, none of this matters anymore, because MediaPost is reporting that Yahoo! is now closing down all Musicmatch operations as of August 31st, in lieu of its own Yahoo Music Jukebox software and Yahoo! Music Unlimited service.

As MediaPost explains, aside from the fact that Yahoo was running two different (and therefore redundant) music services, Yahoo’s music catalog currently has over four million tracks, or twice that of what Musicmatch offers.

Yahoo To End Musicmatch Services [MediaPost]