Yahoo Debuts News Digest App for iOS

Yahoo made a splash at CES in Las Vegas this week by most reports. CEO Marissa Mayer drew a huge crowd, according to Reuters, which reported that “more than an hour before she appeared onstage, a long queue for Mayer snaked through several continuous hallways into a nearby showfloor.” And once she got going, Mayer made some news for the app industry, too.

Mayer introduced a new app, News Digest, for iOS that offers succinct summaries of the day’s top stories. The posts are meant to be short and simple.  An introductory video from Yahoo assures readers: “Don’t worry, they’re not very long.” It’s based on Summly, the news aggregation app that Yahoo bought from a teen early last year.

The app will deliver fresh content twice day, reminiscent of the early newspaper era that supported both a morning and afternoon edition. The new releases are out at 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Readers can also skip back a day to see yesterday’s headlines just by scrolling through the dates under a settings tab.

Mayer also said Yahoo acquired Aviate, an Android-based service that optimizes your app experience by making recommendations based on past actions and settings. Aviate will now be folded under the Yahoo name. It remains in beta, but Yahoo opened it up to a lucky 25,000 few.

The company also unveiled two new digital magazines: Yahoo Tech and Yahoo Food. Both were optimized for phones and tablets, the company said.

Yahoo now has more than 400 million monthly mobile users, representing half of its overall audience, according to Mayer.

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