Yahoo! Cuts Another 100 Workers While Google Announces Plans to Add 6,000

Just a few months after laying off 600 workers, Yahoo! is once again making some tough cuts. 100 to 150 workers will be let go in the coming days. The Associated Press speculates it may have something to do with Yahoo!‘s fourth quarter earnings, which are expected to show “meager revenue growth.” Ah, the glory of working for a publicly traded company. You could lose your livelihood at any moment so that a bunch of assholes can make an extra three cents a share next quarter.

Meanwhile, as Yahoo! continues to struggle, Google has announced plans for a major hiring spree. The company says it will boost its workforce by 25%, adding over 6,000 new jobs. Google also just happened to take out a lease on more than 100,00o square feet of office space in Venice, including inside Frank Gehry’s semi-ridiculous Binoculars Building.

The lesson of this story? Study your maths kids. The only thing that really separates these two companies is Google‘s superior search algorithm.