Yahoo! Caught Up in LeBron James Mania

LeBron James has dominated sports news, and the National Basketball Association free-agent superstar left his mark on Yahoo!, as well, with searches for his name up 145 percent during the past seven days, topping such notables as Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie, and Robert Pattinson.
Locals hoping that James elects to stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers drove much of the James hype on Yahoo!, with Ohio accounting for five of the top 10 regions in terms of searching for LeBron.
The top 10 regions in terms of searching for James on Yahoo! during the past seven days:
1: Cleveland
2: Chicago
3: Youngstown, Ohio
4: Columbus, Ohio
5: Toledo, Ohio
6: Memphis, Tenn.
7: Dayton, Ohio
8: Jackson, Ms.
9: Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
10: Shreveport, La.

Yahoo! also listed the top 20 LeBron James-related searches in the past seven days:
1: LeBron James
2: LeBron James House
3: LeBron James Mother (searches up 3,231 percent this week)
4: LeBron James Mother Arrested
5: LeBron James House Pictures
6: LeBron James Shoes
7: Betty White LeBron James
8: LeBron James Twitter
9: Cavaliers LeBron
10: LeBron James News
11: Where LeBron Will Land (tie) (searches up 945 percent this week)
11: LeBron James Chicago Bulls (tie)
11: LeBron James Wallpaper (tie)
15: LeBron James New Team
16: LeBron James Bulls
17: LeBron James Girlfriend (searches up 203 percent this week)
18: Teams Pursuing LeBron James
19: LeBron James Free Agency
20: LeBron James Dunks David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.