Yahoo Beauty Won’t Ignore Men

Bobbi Brown-led digital magazine launches today

Yahoo Beauty believes that the b-word isn't just for women. The newest digital magazine for the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company—which launched today with sponsor L'Oréal USA—will publish content that appeals to both genders.

"As a mother of three [sons], I know that men care just as much as women about beauty," Bobbi Brown, Yahoo Beauty editor-in-chief, explained.

In addition to stories about why Chanel No. 5 still rules the roost and foods that make excellent skincare products, readers will also see a smattering of articles that cover men's beauty and grooming topics, like tools that men need but won't find at their local hardware store

Brown further elaborated on the company's Tumblr page that Yahoo Beauty will cover all topics that inspire people to "live beautifully," which ranges from makeup tips to overall wellness. Articles about American Ballet Theatre soloist Misty Copeland and Palestinian journalist Rula Jebreal will be populating the site, alongside content curated and created by a team including managing editor Britt Aboutaleb, who was formerly the multimedia director of Allure.

Keeping in line with the Newfronts mission of more premium video, Yahoo Beauty will also feature tutorials and Q&As with experts like Aunt Alice. Similar to the amount of video content seen on the Yahoo Food, Yahoo Tech and Yahoo Fashion digital publications, viewers can expect more clips in the future.  

While Brown will be heading the creative direction of the publication, she said that she will not be personally reviewing or writing about products. However, readers will get further insights into what makes her tick, including her playlist

"What brought me to Yahoo is the opportunity to do something really different. I will lead editorial direction, original content, and the expansion and re-imagination of Yahoo Beauty," she said.

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