Yahoo and Badoo Rhyme Their Way to the Top on This Week’s List of Fastest-Gaining Facebook Apps by DAU

Some huge gains by key Facebook canvas and Connect apps are evident on this week’s AppData list of fastest-growing apps by daily active users. Yahoo! comes in at the top with more than three million new DAU:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1. Yahoo!5,431,459+3,032,195+126%
2. Badoo3,730,736+2,459,056+193%
3. FarmVille15,373,366+445,902+3%
4. Social Statistics492,000+437,805+808%
5. CityVille19,649,245+400,098+2%
6. Windows Live Messenger12,638,402+321,685+3%
7. Paradise Life362,988+228,505+170%
8. Texas HoldEm Poker 7,307,136+204,282+3%
9. Ravenwood Fair865,528+153,877+22%
10. BandPage by RootMusic813,919+134,458+20%
11. Big Business203,452+113,879+127%
12. Make Your Jersey186,706+106,779+134%
13. Your statistics167,241+100,075+149%
14. Monster Galaxy470,063+98,837+27%
15. Profile Banner118,749+98,726+493%
16. It Girl1,143,992+98,496+9%
17. Social Connect99,493+96,079+2,814%
18. Friendly for iPad553,174+93,464+20%
19. HTC Sense4,076,776+90,218+2%
20. FarmVille 中文版447,588+90,053+25%

As usual when the DAU numbers are so large, they’re caused by a new influx of users. In Yahoo’s case this could be connected to the site’s recent decision to open its entire third-party network to authentication via Facebook (and Google OpenIDs).

But a good number of the big gainers seem to have started picking up new monthly active users simultaneously last Friday, which of course cause simultaneous DAU rises. The app uses a friend quiz that asks users to post to their friend’s walls — which while aggressive, appears to be within the Facebook platform policies. Here’s Badoo’s MAU chart:

Number three on the list is FarmVille, and Zynga follows it up with CityVille and Texas HoldEm Poker. All the recent growth going to Zynga has helped push its MAU to record numbers, although its DAU is still down a bit over 7 percent from its peak last year, as we recently pointed out in a larger platform analysis.

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