XYDO is the Hot New Social News Site

A news site launched this week that tries to bring together all the many news junkies on the web into a cooperative group. The idea behind XYDO is that the people around you can help you find the important pieces of news out of all of the hundreds of stories posted everyday.  It wants to replace Twitter, Facebook, and other social media as your news source.

It will likely succeed in its goal, but I won’t use it. I get most of my news from RSS feeds and XYDO won’t replace them. But it could have replaced Twitter, if not for the fact that Twitter works better for me.

My problem with XYDO is that it adds too many clicks to the process; Twitter is faster. When I find a story on twitter, I right click on the link and open it in a new tab. On XYDO I have to click to open the blurb page, click to open the story in a new tab, and then click to go back.  That extra work is going to stop me from using XYDO.

Plus, as a news junkie I have already built my network of sources. I don’t need a new one unless it works better. But it might suit you, so check it out.

P.S. For more details, here is the press release.