XXL Gets Nas Talking

We here at FishbowlNY are big Nas fans, so we’re excited to check out the November XXL, which hits newsstands October 25. The issue features the Queens rapper discussing his upcoming album, religion and a few other things. However, it’s disappointing that the magazine chose to have Tyler The Creator interview Nas for its cover story.

Not only do we think Tyler is immature and gimmicky, but his interviewing skills don’t seem to be that good. Here is how Tyler presented one of his questions to Nas: “Are you, like — this question might catch you off guard, but I ask myself this — like, when you wake up, like, are you happy? Like, are you satisfied how everything turned out?”

Congratulations Tyler! It sounds impossible, but you somehow managed to say “like” four times in two sentences. Your prize is a high school education. Please use it immediately.

Maybe Tyler was just nervous and the interview gets better, so we’re going to pick up a copy of the issue anyway. But next time XXL chooses a rapper to interview a legend, it might want to consider someone a little more qualified.