Xoom Owners Test Drive Kindle, Google Books Apps

Motorola Xoom hit stores yesterday and owners are already installing their eReader apps. In a Motorola support forum, users have been discussing the merits of the Kindle app and the Google Books and the issues they are having with each.

One poster wrote: “The Kindle for Android app works on the Xoom without any serious problems, but it isn’t as good as the iPad app (yet)…One thing that is better is that you can shop for the books within the app without having to go to the browser the way you do on the iPad…Better for me at this point than the Google Book app that keeps giving me error messages about not being able to read a book offline.”

Another commenter prefers the Google app: “Google Books has a turning-page animation that I like.  In landscape mode, the Kindle app shows the page with one really wide column, while the Google reader again looks more like a book and breaks it into two pages, similar to an open book. Reading those narrower columns is just easier than following a line as wide as the screen. Overall, reading on the Xoom is great — good size and lighting.”

Have you tricked out your Motorola Xoom with eReaders apps yet? Let us know in the comments below how it’s going.