XO Laptop Picked By Wired as ‘Heartbreaking Gadget’


Circulating around a bit is yet another year end list, Wired‘s “The Top 10 Heartbreaking Gadgets of 2007.” In it, there’s the stuff you expected, like the Kindle and Windows Vista and Apple TV. But the one that made us the most sad was number four, inclusion of Nicholas Negroponte‘s XO Laptop. Granted, it’s all jokey and not put together with any real malice, but it still left us a little weepy — not just because we’re sad to see it included, but because they hit the nail on several heads a couple of times. Here’s a bit:

The trouble is that it took too long, and politics set in. By the time it entered production, most of the original buyers (heads of state) had been deposed or retired, and the price crept on up. The $100 laptop became the $200 laptop, while real, full-featured PCs got cheaper. Even Intel took a crack, entering the PC market with its savvy Classmate PC. Result? Nobody really cares anymore.