Using Xfinity is Easier than Un-Beaching a Whale or Giving Birth

If you’ve ever tried setting up new cable service, you’ve undoubtedly ended up cursing the cable gods as you struggled to find the best deal, tried to work four-hour-long appointment windows into your busy schedule, and wrestled with the great philosophical question of our age — to bundle or not to bundle?

We could use a whole host of colorful words to describe the painful process–and “easy” is not one of them. But now, Comcast’s new ads from The Martin Agency claim that “easy” is exactly what you’ll get when you sign up for Xfinity service. And just to make it clear how easy, they’ve paralleled the simplicity of their service with the immense difficulty of some of life’s greatest physical challenges: giving birth; waxing Sasquatch; un-beaching a whale; and pitching a tent.

AdWeek recently named this series their “Ad of the Day“, and we certainly agree they’re worth a peek. Not only do they poke fun at Comcast’s own industry (and in a way, at Comcast itself) in a manner familiar to all cable subscribers, but they also promise customers the ultimate one-two punch: good service without the hassle. Most importantly, they deliver their serious message of “we hear you, and we’re going to give you exactly what you want”, in an easily digested, entertaining package while making us chuckle.

Check out the series, and don’t worry — we hear no Sasquatches were harmed in the making of these commercials.