Xaxis: New Mobile Ad Platform Also Combats Accidental Clicks

Swipe method seen as solution to fat fingers

Those fat-thumbed accidental clicks that routinely happen on mobile devices are a nuisance for advertisers paying for those false positives and users who just want the ads to go away.

Today, Xaxis thinks it has solved for X: instead of a little button to dismiss display ads on mobile, the company is introducing a new ad format that only opens when swiped across, much like unlocking a phone.

“Most people are annoyed by advertising on mobile devices, and they’re particularly annoyed clicking on ads accidentally,” Xaxis CEO Brian Lesser told Adweek. “We don’t think advertisers should have to pay for accidental clicks.”

The fat-finger issue is well known to most any tablet or smartphone user who has tried to dismiss an ad only to have it open up a new page or screen on their device. Google is also working on a solution.

Xaxis says its new method of engaging with the ad —unlocking with the swipe — decreases accidental clicking by 25 percent. Lesser also claimed that in his agencies tests the swipe method increased the conversion rate by 34 percent.

The new format is now open to Xaxis’ 1,500 advertisers, and was one of the features announced today as part of the roll out of the ad tech agency’s new mobile ad platform, called simply Xaxis Mobile.

The new platform is just the latest example of major industry players developing ways to target ads to users switching from their phones to laptops to tablets to desktops.

Xaxis said it would provide brands with access to one billion mobile ad impressions monthly. This is the company’s largest effort addressing mobile, which is an $8.5 billion ad market this year, according to eMarketer.

“It’s a mobile marketplace us buying inventory directly from publishers that is of very high quality,” Lesser said.