X-Plane 10 Mobile Flight Simulator Flies onto iOS

X-Plane 10Laminar Research has released its X-Plane 10 Mobile Flight Simulator on iOS devices. The newest title in the franchise features new online multiplayer functionality, as well as 24 challenges to complete across a variety of maps, as users learn what it takes to keep a plane safely in the air, even in the face of dangerous obstacles.

As a realistic flight simulator, gamers are encouraged to complete the title’s nine tutorials and flight school lessons, which introduce them to the controls. When flying in X-Plane 10, users rotate their device left and right to steer the plane in that direction, while vertically titling the device closer to, or away from the player changes the plane’s pitch.

Users must keep an eye on multiple gauges and dials while flying, and can manually control the flaps and throttle, among other features of the plane. While the tutorial system offers its own challenges, the separate Challenges system offers multiple scenarios where things may not go exactly as planned. One challenge, for instance, may see players landing a plane in the middle of a thunderstorm, just as an important gauge stops working. X-Plane 10Players have access to multiple additional aircraft, including helicopters, via in-app purchase. Depending on the gameplay mode, users may find themselves racing through canyons or around mountains, or controlling a fighter unit, trying to deploy bombs while avoiding being hit themselves (among other scenarios). The game also includes a Freeflight mode for enjoying one’s time in the sky.

For more advanced gameplay, users can create their own scenarios, where they can manually cripple specific systems, like the rudder or altimeter. These can be set to “could fail” or “failed,” depending on the challenge and/or suspense players wish to experience. Additionally, players can fly with other users via online multiplayer functionality (thanks to Game Center).

X-Plane 10 Mobile Flight Simulator is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.