‘The X Factor’ Buzz On Twitter Is Stronger Than Ever [DATA VISUALIZATION]

Twitter researchers Jake Steadman and Louise Chow recently released a fascinating video that displays the cycle of buzz building around popular singing competition show The X Factor on Twitter.

The video is a paragon of the symbiotic relationship between Twitter and TV.

The UK’s The X Factor (there is also a U.S. version that airs on Fox) began its latest season on August 31, after which Twitter UK’s Advertising team examined the Twitter buzz surrounding the show to create the dynamic visualization below.

In the video, blue dots represent original content and yellow dots designate retweets. The bigger and more visible the blue dots, the more influence that Twitter user has. It’s interesting to see how the conversation on Twitter develops starting in the morning, building into the broadcast, and exploding when key influencers join the conversation.

At 0:30, you can see a burst of activity when Niall Horan of One Direction fame (14.2 million followers) enters the conversation.

Indeed, Twitter buzz around The X Factor is stronger than ever. Ratings for the first Saturday show were up 6% over 2012 to 9.2 million.

(Source: Twitter.)

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