Wyse PocketCloud for iPhone Lets You Work with Windows PCs Using VMware View or RDP

YouTube video courtesy of VMworldTV

I just learned about Wyse’s PocketCloud for iPhone…

Wyse Pocket Cloud (product page)

Wyse PocketCloud 1.0.0 (iTunes App Store)

It lets you work with remote virtual (VMware View) or physical computers (using Remote Desktop Protocol – RDP).

It lets you remotely access your desktop over a 3G or WiFi wireless connection. Its PocketCloud Windows Companion works with 32-bit (64-bit support not listed) Microsoft Windows and IE 7 (or newer). Microsoft’s .NET Framework 3.0 must be installed too. However, according to Wyse, this desktop-side client is not necessary for basic functions.

I was really impressed by the demonstration of its mouse simulator (see video above) that gets around the problem of using relative big finger tips on the iPhone screen with tiny targets on the remotely displayed Windows desktops.

The app’s normal retail price is $29.95. However, it is availabel at the discounted price of $19.99 until the end of September.