Wyrmbyte Removes Microtransactions from Dragons & Titans, Introduces Titan Pass

dragons and titans 650In an effort to avoid the stigma associated with pay-to-win freemium games, independent developer Wyrmbyte has announced the removal of all microtransactions from its free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game Dragons & Titans. Available on Steam and Facebook, the game now offers all former in-app purchase content in a single bundle called the Titan Pass, but a base version of the game remains free for all users.

The Titan Pass contains all current in-game content at a price of $19.99. This is valued at over $650 worth of goods, if the items had been purchased individually under the former microtransaction model. The Titan Pass includes access to more than 35 Tier I dragons, more than 35 weapons, 18 different avatars, 57 skins, all four single-player story “Acts” and more. Users will also receive all of the game’s new, regularly scheduled content for one year. In addition, Titan Pass owners will earn four times the number of crystals (in-game currency) per match for one year, which allows them to upgrade their dragons and weapons faster than without the boost.

Under this change, the game’s free version will give players content based on a “rotating selection” of six dragons and six weapons. Free players will only have access to the first Act of the single-player campaign, but they can advance in the overall game by collecting their own crystals and using them to unlock all higher tiered dragons and weapons. These users will also have limited access to avatars and skins, with many now reserved as exclusive content for Titan Pass holders.


To thank existing players, Wyrmbyte has introduced a Veterans Dragon Pack, which will be rewarded to all players who spent more than $20 under the old in-app purchase model. This contains a bundle of 10 random Tier II dragons, and has a value of over $150 under the old system. Finally, any “regular” player from the past few months will be rewarded with an exclusive avatar, with different avatars being available for different play lengths.

“The community has spoken, and we want to make our players happy. So we’ve dropped the microtransaction model completely to turn Dragons & Titans into a truly free-to-play game where in-game progression is based purely on skill and not on how much money people pay,” said Scott Brown, president of Wyrmbyte, in a statement. “By making what may seem to be a drastic move, we are actually trying to battle the “pay to win” stigma that pervades the free-to-play market right now and encourage more people to play in the game and compete with current gamers.”

Dragons & Titans was released last year, and features two teams of dragon riders duking it out for control of the map, in an effort to free their titan from the enemy base. The game is available to play for free on Facebook, and to download on Steam.