Wily Chefs Surprise Wylie Dufresne

WylieDufresnePicNew Yorker reporter Sophie Brickman tells readers to think of the three covert days spent in Brooklyn by 20 world-class culinary artists as The Real World: Chef’s Edition. And that’s just the tip of the analogous iceberg. FishbowlNY while reading also saw visions of Real House Chefs of Williamsburg, Undercover Sauce, America’s Got Imported Talent and more.

Two years in the making, the top-secret 72-hour assembly of world class restaurant chefs was for the purposes of honoring one of their molecular gastronomy own, Wylie Dufresne (pictured), with a surprise birthday celebration. It all went down successfully last night:

They’d focus on three of Dufresne’s signature dishes: shrimp noodles, cold fried chicken and scrambled egg ravioli, a cube-like concoction made of scrambled eggs encased in a sheath of egg yolk. They’d form cooking groups, pick their dishes and converge at wd~50 on a Tuesday, when the restaurant was closed. At the appointed hour, someone would call Dufresne to inform him that the restaurant was flooded. When he came rushing over, he’d arrive to the party of his dreams.

One of the participants, Alex Atala, almost blew it on Sunday when he posed at the Ace Hotel for an Instagram-shared snap. Each chef was allowed to invite two guests and as Brickman goes on to detail, in the end, it all came together at Dufresne’s 50 Clinton Street establishment as beautifully as each and every one of the conspirators’ Michelin-starred concoctions.

Update (April 23):
Dufresne chatted with Eater about how much fun this surprise, birthday party dinner was. A href=”http://eater.com/archives/2014/04/23/wylie-dufresne-interview.php” target=”_”>taste:

“I was blown away, and I’m still blown away, and I’m still trying to process how to thank them en masse. I wrote each of them a thank-you note by hand, but I’m trying to think of something I could do for each of them because they all paid their own way to get here, which is incredible.”

[Image courtesy: wd~50.]

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