WWOR Unveils 10 p.m. Newscast Monday

As we reported last month, WWOR/Channel 9 is making the move to 10  for its weeknight newscasts. Now we have new details on the Ten O’Clock News with anchors Brenda Blackmon and Harry Martin.

The 30-minute newscast will be divided into three segments. First, the ‘Nine at 10″ starts the broadcast with the top news stories in 9 minutes. Sound familiar?

Over at WPIX/Channel 11, management runs the “11 Stories in 11 Minutes” at the beginning of their newscast.

Back at WWOR, segment two is “Take it On” –an issue-oriented debate featuring guest contributors and in-depth discussions about the day’s headlines.  

The Ten O’Clock News concludes with “The Two-Minute Drill,” although the better title might be “Short Shrift.”

The final two minutes is given to local news mainstays–sports and weather, with Russ Salzberg and meteorologist Audrey Puente.

At sister station WNYW/Channel 5, it’s still an odd sight to see Salzberg get the satellite handoff from anchors Ernie Anastos and Dari Alexander, and close out the newscast with a one-minute sports report.

WPIX also gives sports about 60 seconds each night, but quick headlines, brief scoreboard–and most importantly only news anchor Jodi Applegate giving the information.