100 Years Later, Twitter Account Reenacts WWI

100 Years Later, Twitter Account Reenacts WWI

One hundred years ago, on June 28th 1914, World War One began with the assassination of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand. To ensure we remember the sacrifices, hardships and historical significance of that time, a group of students has created a Twitter reenactment of the first Great War.

@realtimeWW1 uses historical photos and documents to offer a glimpse into the events of the first World War. Each document is linked to within the tweets, so that curious Twitter historians can explore the events in more detail.


According to the Twitter account’s related blog:

“The aim is to make history easy to assimilate with little means. What makes the “real time” projects especially fascinating is that events are posted on the exactly same date and, if possible, even time, if reproducible in source material.”

@realtimeWW1 a project by students of the Masters in European Contemporary History at the University of Luxembourg. Students created the account as part of their Digital Humanities class, and will continue to tweet the stories and images from WWI until 2018. They were inspired by @RealTimeWWII, a similar project dedicated to bringing the events of WWII to digital life.

(Soldiers image via Shutterstock)

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