WWE SuperCard Updated with Prize Ladder, People’s Champion Challenge

supercard 6502K’s WWE SuperCard has received its first major content update, bringing new cards and game modes to the collectible card wrestling game. Released in mid-August 2014, the game has been downloaded more than three million times, and sees users collecting their favorite Superstars and Divas on collectible cards, creating a team of those users, and then taking them into battle against other real-world players.

This content update brings a new overall gameplay feature, as well as a limited time event, to the experience. The new feature is called The Ladder, and it incentivizes continued play by giving players new rewards for hitting specific gameplay milestones. Playing just 10 games, or matches, rewards players with a Power Boost, for use in the game’s King of the Ring mode (a lengthy tournament mode). Move up to 20 games played, and players receive a Toughness Boost, and so on. Once players hit 125 total games, they start unlocking Rare and above cards for WWE Diva Paige and WWE Superstar John Cena. These cards are exclusive to this mode, so players must keep playing matches in order to unlock them. This mode rewards prizes retroactively, so players will automatically receive everything they’ve unlocked since first downloading the game.


Elsewhere, players can compete in a new limited time event called the People’s Champion Challenge. In this mode, players choose between two WWE Superstars in a match that corresponds to one in a real-world WWE event, like the company’s upcoming Night of Champions pay-per-view. This event tracks the choices of the entire gameplay community, and sees players completing matches on behalf of their chosen Superstar (like normal matches, but just in this separate mode). If they win, the Superstar receives a point, and players win personal points. These personal points correspond to a user’s position on the in-game leaderboard, and the winning Superstar at the end of the event determines which prizes will be rewarded at its conclusion. Each player will receive some sort of reward, even if they didn’t back the winning Superstar.

Finally, players can now purchase an Ultra Rare card pack from the store, which guarantees that players will receive Ultra Rare or higher cards when opened. This new card pack is available for $9.99.

“With an unprecedented number of downloads thus far, the worldwide groundswell to build the ultimate roster in WWE SuperCard is both passionate and incredible,” said Chris Snyder, vice president of marketing at 2K, in a statement. “We’re excited to increase the intensity with the People’s Champion Challenge, present an accessible way for players to climb the ranks in The Ladder, and give fans what they want to improve their rosters with Ultra Rare Card Packs.”

WWE SuperCard is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.