WWE SuperCard Receives Ring Domination Update, Social Features

The collectible card game's newest event sees players competing against others for control of a game board.

2K announced the latest major content update for its collectible card game, WWE SuperCard. The Ring Domination update introduces a new event type to players, as well as multiple social features.

In WWE SuperCard, players collect cards representing the Superstars and Divas of World Wrestling Entertainment and take them into asynchronous battles against other players, or into various multiplayer events.

The game’s new Ring Domination event, for instance, will cycle between the People’s Champion Challenge and Road to Glory events. In Ring Domination, players will compete in one-on-one battles for control of nine squares on a game board, using Bouts, or energy, to access games.

During each game, players take turns placing cards on the game board, with each card’s alignment being used to initiate challenges. If players trigger a challenge and win, they also win the appropriate spots on the game board, but if they lose, the opponent takes control of the spots instead. The player who controls the majority of the board at the end of the game wins.

WWE SuperCard Ring Domination

In Ring Domination, the player’s opponents and rewards are based on their Ring Domination deck tier, with gamers receiving new card pieces if they win. When players collect all of the necessary pieces (like a jigsaw puzzle), they receive the associated card as a reward. These events, like others in the game, only last a limited time.

In terms of social features, users can now chat with their opponents during the game’s King of the Ring events, and have access to a friends list to view their friends (including Facebook friends) who are also playing WWE SuperCard. Gamers can view each player’s profile, which tracks their in-game stats, including number of wins, losses, total number of cards and their top 10 cards.

Finally, players can now create 11 fusion cards within the game’s WrestleMania tier, and use the Bulletin Board to read past in-game announcements.

WWE SuperCard is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.